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Here's Why Other Men Love The Kings Code™

“I jumped in with both feet. I got so much information out of it. I learned so much. And having completed it, I cannot recommend it enough.

I equate it to if you're walking through a mine field, no idea where the mines are and you want to get from one side to the other without getting blown up, go with someone that has walked it before and has experience in that specific category. And Paul has the experience, and you walk side by side and you deal with the issues that need to get fixed. And I cannot recommend it enough.

If you're asking, was it worth the cost? I would say if it was double the cost, I would say it's worth every penny. 

And then if you're considering doing the one-on-ones or just the group coaching, I did the one-on ones-and the group coaching, and I would recommend that. It was absolutely amazing experience."  

- Daniel
"Not only did going through this program help me avoid divorce, but completely restored my marriage in a very short period of time that I was not expecting. 

The King's Code not only helped my marriage, but it has helped me in many other areas of life. I highly recommend this program for the Christian man."

- Ryan
I’d recommend Paul 100%. I signed up with Paul Wednesday morning, found out about my wife’s affair that Wednesday night …. Not something to easily forgive …. And not something I’d like to give her another chance after doing …. The program fighting for your marriage and talking with Paul was the best thing for me through all of it.

- Marty
“This had a huge impact on my faith, my relationship with God and my father. I was headed down a bad road and didn’t see it. I wasn’t leading or protecting my family. This training revolutionized all of that. I find it hard to even put into words how much better these areas in my life are now.” 

- Sam
“After Implementing the 7 steps I learned, obstacles between me and the Lord were removed. I am hearing the lord about things I was not able to before! I recommend implementing these steps ASAP!” 

- Oscar
“It was amazing! We went through a whole process I had never been through before. A whole weight was lifted off of me in my very first call!” 

- Donald

If you're looking for real Christ-centered training that will cause you to rise up as a king, I highly recommend the King's Code! 

- Tim
"I was encouraged, not as a suggestion, but as a mandate, to sharpen every area of my life and own the Kingship the Lord has given me."

- Charles

“I don't know where I would be without this program! - This is the best program ever!” 

- Wess
"I've learned to walk in a position of victory in life. This is a great program with a great group of men that will encourage you to be the best you can be for your wife, kids and business. You are a winner, you are a king!"

Dr. Smiley
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